On-going R&D activities

In order to reach above cited objectives the team of already existing researchers were at the very starting of the project reinforced by young but specifically educated ones, the research equipment have been completed by the appropriate units and the R&D work has been initiated. The next Project parts were studied:


  • Metal based coatings to be used as back and front contacts of solar cells.
  • Strati fotoattivi: in funzione delle tecniche applicative più idonee, tra quelle attualmente a disposizione, sono stati presi in considerazione strati a base di silicio cristallino o silicio amorfo o a base di materiali per la realizzazione di celle solari DSSC di nuova generazione.
  • Glass and organic protective coatings of photo – voltaic ceramic tile.


2.ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS AND CONDUCTORS were developed through the study of different materials and related techniques of their realisation. On the basis of the obtained results the most appropriate will be used to make the Prototype module of photo–voltaic tiles to be then used as a demo – product and for the further measurements enabling necessary characterisation.

The corresponding INDUSTRY ORIENTED CRITERIA for production of the developed products will be done on the basis of future results expected to be achieved during design, realisation and running of the PILOT LINE dedicated to the production and characterisation of photo–voltaic ceramic tiles

The related R&D results and due information will be diffused in future through an open (free access) Internet site. It is programmed that the further results dissemination will be done by the various work shops and up-grading courses of industry personal.